Fer•men•tor•y, search out the definition and you’ll find only us. In our case, inventing the word that anchors our company name was necessary. Part winery, part brewery, and part apothecary, our wares are lesser-known fermentations: kombucha, wild fermented cider, mead, and those to come. READ MORE

Urban Farm Fermentory

Foraging is for All Four Seasons

I write this as I travel eastward on the Casco Bay Ferry Lines, bound for Cliff Island’s coasts. The ocean spray hits me through the window and Portland disappears behind Great Diamond. I’m on my way to collect Staghorn Sumac and Sweetfern today, two staples of our summer flavor line up. I expect to sweat this afternoon, to get too much sun in my eye, but I’ll leave this evening satisfied… (Read More)

#UFF CREW – The Urban Farm Fermentory Team

ELI CAYER Founder, Owner
If you know about U.F.F. there’s a good chance you recognize Eli, who’s been on the scene ever since the Urban Farm was only a seedling. The friendly face at brewfests and tastings, Eli began Urban Farm Fermentory back in 2010.
REID EMMERICH Partner, Master Kombucha Brewer
The beloved booch that you buy every week? That’s Reid’s handy work. What started as a hobby to please his wife has grown into an art form available to the masses.
Marc Anton Business Operations
Marc Anton
It takes a certain type of person to keep a booch, cider, and mead ship upright on the stormy financial sea that is the craft brewing industry. We have found exactly that in Marc Anton.
Dawn Eve York Tasting Room Manager
Dawn Eve York
Born and raised in Lewiston, Maine, Dawn radiates in our tasting room. As the Tasting Room manager, Dawn brings her knowledge of herbs, roots, and Permaculture to our scene.